What Happens In Vegas...

The email came from K-Rot, but upon digging I found the originating email account was BigNed@gmail.com. Sure this ranks somewhere between Rick Neuheisel's bracket sheet and five UofR baseball players in a fantasy league, but here goes a place for your extra money:


Scott:  4-1. He's the defending champ and knows what it takes, even if he has no idea what he did.

Roger:  5-1. Truly a mudder, odds improve as conditions worsen, needs to survive match play portion and focus on bowling matchups.

Trey:  6-1. Rookies have had recent success and the kid has talent galore, but fighting a nasty case of the gene pool.

Bart:  7-1. New clubs and attitude, however same game? He played better when he didn't give a crap.

Jack:  8-1. Also defending champ, if you don't count the year in Betty Ford, so is he playing with house money or feeling pressure?

Lindy: 9-1. Wildcard having not played since last Cup. Out of the gates like a stallion, finishes like a plow horse.

Ned: 9-1. He isn't even going on the trip, but with his betting prowess he stands a better chance of winning than half the field. Don't ask how.

Rich:  10-1. Consistent performer who will give it his all, practice swings and all. Another middle of the pack finish, or finish the pack?

Tim:  10-1. Can he claim title in his now home state to impress his Dad? Excerpt from conversation upon telling his dad he won: "Did you know winning 3 Whitey Cups is harder than a double eagle?"

Ian:  10-1. Looking for consistency and could be a contender if he locates....the right partner at the right time.

Kevin:  10-1. Annual betting favorite wondering why we're so far from O'Neill Chiropractic.

boB:  12-1. Tasted A flight a few years back and voted most likely to wear "Why Not Me?" t-shirt on Wednesday night.

Dude:  12-1. Led heading into home stretch a couple of years ago and a long shot, but remember, an Olympic decathlon champion is now a woman. You never know.


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