Cup 26!

Our 25th anniversary trip was so awesome we changed houses and changed courses, but kept most of the same damned ragamuffin people. Here's what we've got:

Dates:  Play May 31 - June 2 (we have the house from 5/30 - 6/3)

Courses:  Forest Creek South, Forest Creek North, Dormie (36), newly renovated Mid-South (36) - extremely excited about gaining access to FC courses. They are the ones right out our back door, where boB usually throws the Frisbee.

Where: We've moved next door. We figured the neighbors would stop complaining if we just took over their house. We're now at 412 Meyer Farm Drive. It isn't quite Uncle Eddie's tenement on wheels, but it'll do.

Cost: $983, which includes $25 per round per man for forecaddie fees at Forest Creek courses.  Also includes second round on Friday for captains choice which was not included in base cost last year (for some of you the forecaddie will represent cost savings as compared to lost balls). Payment schedule breaks down this way:

  • Pay Kevin $296 by 5/11 (Venmo or check accepted) - this covers house
  • Pay Kelly (First Tee) $387 by 5/11 (this cover Friday and Saturday golf)
  • You will need $300 for Thursday golf ($250 will be paid at course Forest Creek and $50 in cash payable to forecaddie)


Wednesday, May 30: Arrival. Practice round to be organized closer to the date.

Thursday, May 31: Forest Creek. Times to be booked in May.

Friday, June 1: Dormie (8:57 first group; 2:33 replay)

Saturday, June 2: Midsouth (8:05 first group; 1:30 replay)

Sunday, June 3: Departure       


A total copy/paste hack job from Kevin's email about a month ago: The competition will be extremely heated as the last four champions are in the field (Trey, Scott, Jack, and Michael) as well as some hungry veterans (Roger, Duncan, and Tim) and those just “there for the time” (Bart, Rich, Dude, boB, and Kevin).


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