You Have To Sacrifice

It didn't take long. One day. Narstu has declared he's ready to compete for the title. We're moving him into the "hungry veteran" category. He's ready.

After reading the March 1978 edition of Golf Digest and consulting his personal swing guru, Narstu decided his problems have nothing to do with lack of talent. Rather, it's about balance. In an attempt to gain the perfect balance for a golf swing, Narstu sacrificed his appendix this spring. He decided that by having his appendix removed, an extra 14 kilohertz of kinetic energy is forced through his endocrine system on the left side, thus creating the ideal ballstriking form.

"It's Darwinian," said Narstu from his hospital bed. "A monkey plays only with the monkeys, a donkey only enjoys the bray of the donkeys; these and other examples prove that the nature helps round the clock to bring & bond together automatically every living creature of the common internal features and there is absolutely no glitch possible in its working & the people can’t be an exception." 1643025

When reached for comment, Roger muttered something about an 8-10 split and Roost now being out of balance. "He's dead to me," said Roger.

But it doesn't stop there. Narstu plans to use his newly-airborne appendix. He's open to ideas. Take the poll on the right side of the page and let's find out how Narstu will use his appendix on this year's Whitey Cup trip!


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